Consumer Packaged Goods

Consumer Packaged Goods

Consumer Packaged Goods

Why SAP is the preferred ERP for Consumer-Packaged Goods Companies:

Anything which is sold off the retail shelf is organized under the broader CPG solution approach of SAP. Whether it is FMCG, Retail which covers diverse businesses such as Cosmetics, Wellness, Beauty Products, Beverages, Apparel the core processes related to production, finance, supply chain, warehouse , primary and secondary sales are aligned within the broader CPG industry solutions.

Companies want to maximize their brand visibility and onboard consumer at tertiary levels. Vital Wires with its deep SAP process orientation and proprietary solutions gives an edge to customers to manage their business planning and execution on a rich platform like SAP.

With changing buying behaviors triggered by E-commerce and digital driven sales the brands are realizing consumer attitudes need to be considered in every board room decision they take. This requires continuous innovation, brand alignment and sales strategy.  Vital Wires help its client with following objectives as an underline to increase in sales and emerging as a trusted brand for its consumers.


Enabling growth through new process alignment


Understanding consumer needs and values


Delivering end-to-end consumer and customer experiences


Data driven business modelling and growth


Contemporary and modernized supply chain and manufacturing operations